Want to know about chateaubriand, chiffonade, mirepoix or mise en place?

No? Good, me neither. Welcome to the not-a-food-wanker club.

What I do want to know is Melbourne’s best food and the stories behind it. I want to know the local joints and inconspicuous items on the menu that will knock my socks off, I want the stories from behind the counter and what I really should be ordering.

I’m Bridget Wood and I’m not a food wanker. I haven’t studied food or worked for years in the food scene. I make a mess of white tablecloths in fancy places. I’m just your average Melbourne eater convincing our favourite local foodies, identities and haunts to spill their guts on a podcast sharing their favourite places, meals and ingredients and the stories that go along with them.

Join me for our classic interviews that collect Melbourne local’s favourites and share hidden secrets with the world, get behind the counter with some Melbourne’s food institutions and hear our best food stories happening right under your noses.

Join me on the podcast each week as we tuck in!