Episode 01: Behind the Counter with Mabu Mabu

The Who: Nornie Bero of Mabu Mabu (including Mabu Mabu Tuck Shop at Yarraville and Big Esso at Federation Square)

The What: Growing up in Torres strait and cooking fish on the beach and pickling octopus collected from the reef, how this food empire took off, the beginners guide to native Australian ingredients to have in your pantry, awesome native Australian drinks company, and what green ants taste like.

The Why: Nornie is an all round brilliant person with awesome stories of growing up in the Torres Strait. In between laughing, Nornie shares how to use native Australian ingredients.

Show Notes

Find information about Big Esso, The Tuck Shop, Mabu Mabu Catering and the Mabu Mabu shop

Browse the delicious gins and vodkas from Seven Seasons mentioned by Nornie

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